Geomate.Jr – Geocaching For Kids



The Apisphere Geomate.Jr is a basic, entry level geocaching GPS designed to be beginner and kid friendly.  Cnet calls the Geomate.Jr the "Easy-Bake Oven of handheld GPS devices".

The Geomate.Jr offers a basic and easy to follow user interface that allows the users to concentrate more on geocaching than on the setup and loading of the geocache coordinates.

The good news: The Geomate.Jr comes pre-loaded with 250,000 caches and allows true out-of-the-box geocaching.

The bad news: You have to constantly pay for "update kits" to keep the cache list current. With the rate that caches are added, moved and changed, the updates could be costly.  As of the time of this writing, the projected cost of the update kit is $24.95

Beginner and kid friendly operation.
Splash proof and shock resistant
Ability to set a "Home" location so your kids won't be lost.

Not waterproof.
Unit can not be updated from the internet database, you must purchase update kits to get the newest caches or locations. The projected price of the update kit is $24.95.
No internal compass, so you must be moving for it to work.
Does not have the full function or capability of a standard GPS.

With the cost of the unit set at $70.00, and the need for constant updates at $25 pr update, the final cost of the Geomate.Jr could be well above a standard GPS - and you won't have the flexibility of updating cache locations as they change, or the full functionality of a GPS.

The cost of a full featured GPS can be between $65.00 and $100.00 for a starter unit. A standard GPS may be a little harder to learn to update, but is well worth the effort when you learn to use the units full capabilities.

Our recommendation: Go with a standard GPS that's waterproof and can be updated from your home computer.

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