20 Assorted Good Luck Geotokens Geocoins Lucky


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20 Assorted Good Luck Geotokens Geocoins Lucky
Manufacturer: geocoindepot
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Product Description

a random assortment of 25 geotokens. All have "good luck" on one side and a lucky symbol on the other. Lucky symbols, include, but are not limited to horseshoe, 4 leaf clover, ladybug, the number 7, pot of gold, shooting star and wishone. Not every assortment will contain every symbol. Over time, some lucky symbols may be discontinued, altered &/or added. Multi-colored and made of metal with a protective epoxy coating.

Product Details

  • each metal token is about the size of a nickle
  • 2 sided ("Good Luck" with caching symbol on one side, a lucky symbol on other side)
  • great for caches
  • they are not trackable - nor do they have an icon

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