Geocaching is the only hobby that requires a handheld GPS unit and $12 Billion dollars worth of military satellite equipment to play.
(Fortunately, the US Government has already covered the $12 billion dollar satellite system)
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Geocaching supplies, containers, geocoins and swag for the serious Geocacher and the beginner.

Want to talk to other Geocachers in the area while on the hunt?
If you have a FRS (Family Radio Service) or PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) walkie-talkie, find other Geocachers in your area on channel 2. The Geocaching community collectively agreed on channel 2 as the primary, and channel 12 as the alternate for FRS, Channel 8 is the alternate channel for PMR radios in Europe.
Walkie-talkies are also a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family as you search for the latest cache.

FRS and PMR are long distance walkie-talkies (5 to 24 miles, depending on the unit and terrain), available at most stores. Purchasing hint: purchase walkie-talkies that are rechargable. The charge lasts significantly longer and you save the expense of purchasing a non-stop supply of batteries.

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We're your guide to finding and buying the perfect Christmas gift for your geocacher.

Top five gifts for the Geocacher:
1. New handheld GPS unit
2. Geocoins
3. Geocoin display stands / cases.
4. Geocaching containers
5. Walking sticks.

1. New handheld GPS unit

GPS technology changes and improves every day. The accuracy of a GPS built today is much higher than GPS units built a year ago. The technology is constantly evolving. When choosing a GPS unit, look for these features:

- Waterproof. While geocaching, your GPS unit WILL get wet. You'll drop it or you'll get caught in the rain.
- Expandable memory. Secure digital card memory slots allow you to expand the storage for added function and capability.
- Geocaching functions. Many GPS units have built in functions specifically for geocaching.

2. Geocoins

Geocoins are always the perfect gift for a geocacher. Popular geocoins include:
- The Federation geocoin based on the science fiction show Star Trek.
- Knights Templar geocoin.
- Multi function geocoins that have decoders or spinning components
- Star Wars geocoins
- Compass geocoins
- Lord of the Rings geocoins that look like rings.

3. Geocoin display stands / cases

Geocoins typically have attractive and intricate artwork. Display stands allow your collections to be displayed and protected at the same time.

4. Geocaching containers

Every geocacher wants to create their own geocache. Buy a geocaching container and fill it with geoswag.

5. Walking sticks

Walking sticks are useful tools for geocaching by helping the geocacher keep their balance while covering uneven terrain and useful for reaching into holes and stumps where small animals and insects may be hiding.